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Beyond Surviving is a weekend workshop designed specifically for anyone who feels that their behaviors or beliefs may be holding them back from achieving the kind of happiness and success they have always dreamed of.

Originally created to deal with issues of sexual abuse, this course has evolved into a tool to help anyone resolve personal issues regarding health, trauma and relationships.  In a course room we may have survivors of childhood sexual trauma and abuse, survivors of rape, children recovering from the impact of divorce, someone coming to grips with a terminal disease, to someone who wants more from their life and desires to move past their perceived obstacles to achieving their goals.

Regardless of the issues involved, everyone works together, supporting, encouraging and helping each other in a safe and loving atmosphere.

Held in a retreat setting nestled in the peace and beauty of nature, with lodging and meals provided. it is for those of us who wish to resolve whatever trauma or life experience that has kept us from living and loving fully, joyfully, and creatively.

No more than twelve participants are enrolled in each course, allowing for individual focus as well as group activities utilizing nature, and other tools and processing techniques designed to benefit the specific needs of those attending a given workshop.

In my years of teaching and counseling I have discovered that for many of us, the decisions we made about ourselves and the world we live in are sometimes based on mistaken beliefs and fears. As children we experienced the world as a big and sometimes scary place that had the potential and the sometimes real anguish of abuse and trauma. As young people and adults we seem to carry these beliefs into our daily lives as patterns and behaviors that do not always follow the vision we see for ourselves and our dreams. For some of us the frustration at continuing with the cycle of crisis can become unbearable.  For others it is just the desire to move on to a new level of understanding and success. I developed Beyond Survivingfor all of us. A course where trust and choice is paramount, and where safe and loving attention is given to the individual to do whatever work they choose to do. 

Mission Statement:

“In a safe and loving environment you will discover the obstacles to attaining your goals and transform those apparent weaknesses into real strengths to move…
Beyond Surviving.”

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Within a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment:

• Explore and develop a new process of healing from abuse and/or trauma; and

• Develop a stronger connection and relationship with your inner child; and

• Direct positive energy toward the realization of your dreams and goals for a better and more enriching life.



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