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Aspecting Workshop

 The Aspecting Workshop is an one day workshop designed to teach others the rudimentary skills of Aspecting for your own growth, or for utilizing it while working with others.  Aspecting is a simple yet effective method of identifying and communicating with the different parts of ourselves that hold ideas and beliefs about our lives, our relationships and our desires.

 It is specifically designed to address the frustrating problem that many of us have, which is moving beyond or letting go of behaviors that no longer serve us, or which are actually causing us pain and distress. For some it is the cycle of crisis, for others it is simply the seemingly inability to achieve the goals and ideals we desire.

 Why is it that we can see what we want, and make plans to achieve them; but somewhere we lose the momentum or something else gets in the way?

  • Do you find yourself getting into the same types of relationships, with the same unhappy ending-even though you swore to yourself it would be different next time?
  • Do you still struggle with money, never seeming to have enough no matter how hard you work?
  • Do you make goals: money, work, relationships, health; but you always fall short or give up, only to feel discouraged and frustrated once again?
  • Does it feel as though there are different parts of you that seem to be at odds which one another?

 This are just some of the things that Aspecting addresses. It teaches you to look at yourself and others as the whole of many different ideas and beliefs. You are made up of many different experiences and values which have shaped your world. The majority of these beliefs were adopted by you as a child. And even though you have grown up, those beliefs remain the same, even if they donít serve you any longer. Your adult brain tells you it is time to do things differently; but those ingrained ideas do everything in their power to keep the status quo, these are the different aspects of you.

 What the workshop does is teaches you to identify the different aspects that may running your life instead of you being at choice. It also teaches how to get into cooperation with them, and create new and healthy beliefs and patterns. You will learn these techniques so that you can make changes in your life, to reach the goals and desires that have seemed to stay just out of reach.

 This is also an invaluable skill if you work with others, even children. It is a simple, quick and fun way to identify the parts of your clients that may be in direct resistance to the help you are attempting to give.

 Please call or email for any additional information.

Aspects Workshop


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