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Foster Parent Intensive

This program has been design to be a one or two day course, depending on the need and availability of participants. It is a workshop intended to assist those who have made it their lifeís work to contribute to the foster care system, either as parents or as professionals.

As with any of The Sheltered Heart Foundationsí workshops, it can be tailored to meet specific requests or needs dependent on the program or itís participants. The overall goal is to help those in the field learn specific skills available in working with foster children, as well as the emotional ramifications of being a Foster Parent or Professional.

We all have the desire in our hearts to make a difference in these childrenís lives, hoping that our influence will have a lasting impact on how they see the world and ultimately how they will live their lives. But we also know the inherent difficulties in working with these children who have been hurt, abused or abandoned by those they were suppose to feel loved and supported by. In some cases the more we try to love them, the further away from us they pull. We can see how loving them would help them to recover and grow; but for them it only holds the possibility of more pain, and the betrayal of their families. For others we are simply at a loss to help them move beyond their pasts and be happy children.

The Foster Parent Intensive is a workshop where you can meet with other parents and professionals and discuss the intrinsic feelings and problems that arise from this vocation. You will learn how to take care of yourselves as well as the children, and you will learn skills that will help with the communication and parenting of these kids.

We will discuss critical issues such as

  • True boundaries versus false boundaries.
  • Abuse, trauma and abandonment from the childís perspective.
  • What does love look and feel like to you/to the child, and how do they differ?
  • How to take care of yourself when it feels overwhelming.
  • How to communicate with a child of this background.
  • How to create closeness.

This workshop can also be designed so that the children themselves can participate, learning the communication skills and boundaries for being in a new and different family. The desire to make a difference is there, sometimes a little extra encouragement and information can make the world of difference to everyone.

Please call or email to find out more information.

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